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COVID-19 Update

(Provided by National Clinical Homecare Association)

The NCHA are working closely with all homecare members and the NHS to ensure that high standards of care and support are provided to all patients on a homecare service. Most existing Medicines Homecare Services are continuing as normal regardless of any changes being made by the government re local lockdown or increased restrictions. Your homecare provider customer services will contact you if they need to make different arrangements to ensure your treatment continues as planned.

We know you may have questions now or in the future about your homecare service and the potential impact of the Coronavirus. We aim to provide you with reliable and accurate information here in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and responses. The FAQs will be updated on a regular basis. NCHA website will also direct you to relevant published information.

The NCHA is unable to enter into any discussions or answer any individual questions about specific patients homecare services, treatment or answer questions about Coronavirus (Covid-19) – for the latest government information visit this link:

Please note, NCHA do not receive and cannot accept any personal identifiable data.

Click the link below to access a range of general FAQs which may be helpful.


Important: What you need to know about your service.

When they call you to arrange your next delivery or nurse visit, it is important to tell your homecare provider customer services If you or someone in your household

  • has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms
  • has had a positive test Coronavirus (COVID – 19)
  • has been advised to self-isolate
  • is extremely vulnerable and is being shielded from Coronavirus (COVID – 19) for reasons other than their homecare therapy.

If you need information on the type of symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID – 19) and who would fall into the extremely vulnerable group, you can access this via

Social Distancing

Routine homecare medicine deliveries continue as normal, but we will be implementing “social distancing” so you will not be asked to sign for your delivery and the driver may appear more distant than usual as they will be avoiding direct physical contact with you. The delivery driver will not come into your home unless it has been pre-arranged with your homecare provider customer services and it is really necessary (e.g. if you are unable to physically carry a heavy parcel).

During the call to arrange your next delivery or nurse visit, your homecare provider will tell you if there are any changes being made to ensure your homecare service can be delivered to you whilst keeping you, homecare staff and other homecare patients safe.

Please use your homecare provider’s website for their latest service information or click here to go to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pages on the NHS Website for the latest information and advice.