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Patient Experience (Patient User Guide)

Every aspect of our service is focused on providing you with a consistent, high quality and personalised dispensing service that is both convenient and discreet.

Almost all fertility clinics in the UK have chosen Stork as their specialist pharmacy provider. This means that the clinical team responsible for your care will send us your fertility medication prescription for us to register, check, screen, dispense and deliver to your door or other designated place. Your clinic will send us your prescription on a pre-paid basis, meaning we do not take payment from you (unless you are undertaking treatment outside the UK).

The price of UK fertility medication is not governed by Stork, Stork charges a service fee to your clinic for the specialist dispensing and home delivery of your medication.

We have a dedicated pharmacy Customer Care Team who will make contact with you either via a text message or by calling you directly if your medication is required urgently.

Customer Care


If you have any queries about how to administer your medication, please contact the nurses at your fertility centre.