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The Stork Service

Specialist fertility medication delivered to your patients’ front door.

We provide a seamless service that complements and enhances your own service. When you send a prescription to us you can be assured we will contact your patient promptly, prepare their medicines and consumables accurately, and deliver them at an agreed time with your patient.

More than a fertility service

Helping clinics and patients reach their goals

The Stork


Customer Care

Our customer care team are based within our Pharmacy to ensure your patients have access to trained specialists who can expertly answer any queries and alleviate your patients’ concerns in a discreet and sympathetic manner. We believe it’s important that our customer care team understand the service they provide, so each employee receives individual training to ensure we maintain the highest of standards.


We can deliver to any mainland UK location, to a home or work address; we can also deliver wholesale orders to your clinic. Deliveries are made in dedicated dual-temperature controlled vehicles which keep medicines at the required temperature right up to the point of delivery.

All deliveries arrive in discreet, plain packaging and labelled to show which items need to be transferred to a fridge and which should be kept at room temperature. Patients can choose their delivery day, including Saturdays, and we will fully inform them of what to expect and what to do with refrigerated items. Reliable next-day delivery for urgent prescriptions is a standard part of the Stork service.

When we have received and checked your prescription, your patient will receive a text message direct to their mobile phone informing them they have a delivery to arrange. The text message contains a one-time login link to the Stork Patient Portal for them to click on – the patient is then asked to provide their date of birth and postcode to verify their account.

Patients can then select their delivery date. The evening before their delivery date your patient will receive a text message giving them a 2-hour delivery slot that their delivery will be made in the next day.

Patents who require urgent next day deliveries will be contacted by telephone by a member of the Stork Customer Care Team the day before the delivery is due and will not be sent the Stork Portal link. Typically, these calls to your patients will be made between 2pm and 4.30pm.

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We understand Fertility treatment is a highly personal matter, which is why your patients will never receive anything from Stork that outwardly shows they are undertaking Fertility treatment. Every Stork product is delivered in plain packaging. We will always make contact with your patient before delivery and agree a mutually convenient date and time to deliver to their home or workplace. All Stork team members are trained in professional confidentiality as a matter of course.

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Tailored to Clinics

Stork has been designed to work in partnership with your clinic. Whilst our primary focus is on delivering an exceptional service to your patients, Stork also offers additional complimentary services such as co-branded prescription/registration forms and patient documentation tailored to your clinic’s specifications. We offer flexible delivery options, administration kits and consumables that can be tailored to your needs.


We understand the commercial, legal and regulatory importance of accurate reporting. All the products we supply are fully batch traced to patient level for recall or audit purposes.

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